18 for 2018

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I love the idea of resolutions but I never really stick with them, so this year I’ve decided to do something a little different. I have a heavy commute into work most days so I’ve become a big fan of podcasts (they are my lifeline in that brutal traffic!) Happier with Gretchen Rubin has become a part of my weekly lineup and in a recent episode she brought up the idea of creating a bucket list of 18 things to accomplish in 2018 vs. creating those traditional resolutions that aren’t always pleasant (think going on a major diet or hitting the gym at 5:00 a.m. everyday). I fell in love with this idea because I always find myself thinking “ahhh, I want to do that!” or “that sounds amazinggg!” etc. etc. and then I store it in the back of my mind and never end up doing it. I hope that having a bucket list that’s actually written down will encourage me to tackle my 18 things.

My 18 for 2018

Take a road trip along the CA coast in a VW van – we are headed out west in March, but still need to solidify the details. Being in a VW van would be the cherry on top of what will be an epic road trip 😉

Camp in the Cali Redwoods – we hope to make a detour along our drive down the coast so we can camp out in the Redwoods. Crossing our fingers that we can make it happen!

Bake a pie from scratch – I’ve got my eye on this  Apple Crumble Pie recipe from Real Simple.

Put together a monthly supper club – Tasso and I always talk about how we want to have a monthly supper club with friends. Whether we host it, or explore a neighborhood restaurant, it would just be a great excuse to get together every month.

Take dance classes for myself again – Growing up, I took dance so seriously since I knew it was something that I was passionate about and wanted to make a career out of. It would be nice to get into a class again just for the fun of it.

Read 1 new book a month – I love reading so much but always leave it on the bottom of my priority list. I’m thinking I’ll set some time right before bed to dive into some books.

Create a gallery photo wall in my apartment – We love taking photos and even have some wedding photos we want to display but haven’t gotten around to it. I’d love to create a gallery wall above our sofa of our most memorable adventures.

Plan a trip to Europe – We’d be happy to go anywhere really, but we’ve been dreaming of Paris, Amsterdam, and Germany lately.

Clean out and better organize my closet – There are several things that I’ve been hanging on to for years thinking that maybe one day I’ll bust them out again…. hasn’t happened yet.

Get back into yoga – Yoga makes me feel amazing. And I have stopped going. Must get my booty to class again.

Watch Gone With the Wind – This is a classic that I still haven’t seen!

Spruce up our bedroom – Our bedroom is always an afterthought when it comes to decorating.

Take a calligraphy class – It just sounds super fun!  

Host a Hygge themed party – A friend of ours hosted one last year. Think pjs, s’mores, candles, and knit blankets and pillows everywhere…my dream come true.

Learn how to curl my hair better – I love when my hair is curled but I stink at doing it myself.  

Volunteer at the Peds Oncology unit at the hospital where my sister works 

Invest in a 35 mm lens for my camera – I want to start experimenting with another prime lens.

Start Game of Thrones – I’m the one person who still hasn’t seen it.

What are some things that you hope to do in the new year? Please share with me in the comments below!