Coffee & Links (No. 2)

photo from my Instagram

I go back to work on Monday so I am doing my best to soak up these last few days of vacation that I have. My to-do list is piling up big time, but before I tackle it, I’m thinking I might binge watch the rest of West World (I know, I know, I’m late to the game but have you seen it?! If not, I highly recommend) and maybe go see Coco for a second time (literally the cutest movie I have ever seen). Some less fun events include taking down our Xmas decor, and just getting our place organized again before heading back to reality. What are your plans this weekend? Anything exciting? Before you head off to enjoy the weekend, I’ve gathered some more of my favorite links from around the internet this week. Grab a cup of coffee and feel free to click away! 😉

  1. If you’re as serious about brunch as I am, you’ll love this guide to the best brunch spot in each state
  2. We are headed to CA at the end of March and will be doing some camping (and glamping 😉 ) out there. These Airbnb glamping spots around the U.S. look amazing!
  3. One of my favorite ballerinas teaching ballet to some hardcore Crossfitters is one of the most comical things I’ve seen all week.
  4. I’ve got my eye on this scarf from Nordstrom. Chicagoans can never have too many scarves at this time of year am I right?
  5.   Calling all JT fans: Justin Timberlake just released a new song
  6. This Spanish inspired home is everything and more
  7. I’m currently updating my new Pinterest page. Feel free to check it out and subscribe!
  8.  I love this photo series by Gregg Segal. So creative and interesting. Check it out to read more about his project called The Daily Bread.
  9. I’m all about cozy. Check out the 9 ways you can cozy up your home
  10. Cue the Hallelujah chorus! Girl Scout cookie season is here and what better than to pair them up with a yummy cocktail?

Happy Weekend!